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Transmission technology

The product range of transmission technology includes centrifugal clutches and brakes, electromagnetic clutches and brakes as well as the combination with other transmission technology elements to a complete system.



Since 1953, our mission has been to breathe life into our customers’ machines. We develop and distribute efficient drive components for almost all industrial sectors.Our assembly islands produce high-quality drive systems that are designed down to the smallest detail and manufactured with the utmost care.


Family business with a long tradition.

Stability is one of our core principles. Taking actions with a view to the long-term determines everything we do. We want to grow using our own energy and remain economically independent. This stability gives security to our employees.

The companies of the HIMMEL® technologies Group live and work according to similar principles. These include timelessness, tradition and artisanry.


WE DESIGN AND PRODUCE variators and coaxial gear reduction units.

High quality products paired with production flexibility and elasticity.


Experts in motion.

When it comes to the continuous mechanical adjustment of speeds in drive technology, we are your specialist.

We are the only manufacturer in the world to offer you the entire spectrum of symmetrical and asymmetrical adjusting disk technology for power transmission from 0.25 to 200 kW.


Drive systems for every application.

Do you want to increase the productivity and efficiency of your systems? As an expert in innovative and reliable drive technology, we develop and manufacture high-precision servo gearboxes, bevel gearboxes, industrial gearboxes, worm gearboxes, geared motors, worm gear sets and special solutions precisely according to your requirements. Our promise: first-class quality, competent advice and tailor-made solutions.